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Setting up a private/public key exchange, then passing AES keys to make and encrypted tunnel takes some time to set up. Then you want a server that can listen for more than one connection at the same time. The Cryptic_TCPServer and Cryptic_TCPClient are designed to do everything automatically for you. They are based on Xojo's EASYTCP class so that you don't need to worry about packet fragmentation.

There is a default client (multiple connection server) active inside the plugin that can be used instantly with no setting up.

If you want to send data from a client to a server it's as easy as

Cryptic_Clientsocket.SendMessage(1,"A message to send")

The message is sent through the encrypted tunnel using a created on the fly AES key which is passed though an RSA encrypted tunnel. The data is also compressed when sent, and decompressed when received.

Receiving the data

In the server code object Cryptic_TCPServer you can use this to process the message

' Developer code starts here
select case command
case 1
system.DebugLog "Decrypted message = "+data
end select