Just (SOME) of the features of RADPACK
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Inline text colours, font size changing, and font effects.
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Drop in menus
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Simply drop in a Cryptic_menu widget onto a form and add menu items. Menus can be vertical or horizontal, with our without icons and utilising any fonts. They also include a persistent menu selection bar.
A host of new/updated widgets
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Cross platform drop in fonts, over 600 included. Add any true type font just by adding it to the font folder inside RADPACK.
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Custom dynamic and animated background textures
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Anything you can add on a form, you can make a row in a listbox!
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Inbuilt encrypted TCPIP objects, add asymmetric and symmetric encryption to your product automatically.
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Add email functionality with a single sendmail function
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Add realtime validation and visual alerting to entry fields, with automatic field type validations as shown below. It also includes a regular expression option so you can build your own custom validations on the fly.
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Custom on the fly Icon creation, pass any image and let the RADPACK create all the masks and icons for you, even with labels!
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Custom charting with icon support
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Add two factor authentication security instantly.
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Instant language support for over 62 countries, which can be changed on the fly.
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Support for over 2000 searchable icons
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